Post-Pandemic: How a Focus on Cost Optimisation Over Cost Cutting Can Save You More in the Long Run

23 June 2020 11:00 am - 6:49 am
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While many leaders can plan for a crisis, acting early to prepare your State department or Local Council with modern technologies can help keep elected members, administrators and staff moving forward even after, for example, a pandemic shuts down standard operating procedure, or “business as usual”. Learn how Nutanix public sector customers shifted into crisis mode during the coronavirus pandemic, embracing next-gen IT infrastructure, hybrid cloud models and virtual desktop technology to keep services going. Post-pandemic, the focus for many public sector organisations will be on reducing cost from their operations, whilst maintaining new levels of agility and efficiency.

Join in to this webinar and learn how:

  • Embracing next-gen IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud models helps IT make cost-effective and operationally-efficient decisions
  • Nutanix public sector customers have kept services going, and benefited from lower TCO, using virtual desktop technology
  • A focus on Cost Optimisation over Cost Cutting can save you more in the long run

Featured Speaker

Sumit Batra, Cloud Economist, APJ, Nutanix