Zero Trust in a Post Covid FSI Landscape – Is It Possible? (Financial Services NSW)

9 June 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sydney | Forcepoint
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Who is this session for?

Chiefs and Heads of Security and IT from Sydney’s Financial Sector.

What is this session about?

The pandemic has significantly reshaped our working environment affecting technology, user experience, facilities and real-estate, insider threat and data loss risks, and more. Australian enterprises are now using upwards of 50 different security products to protect networks and users as part of transforming to a hybrid work environment. With business requirements constantly evolving in financial organisations and new risks and threats emerging, maintaining a strong security posture and regulatory compliance is a constant battle and time-consuming exercise for compliance and security teams to manage.  In addition, complexity that new security products and processes introduce can create more challenges, risk and end-user frustration than they are supposed to resolve.

On the day of the discussion we will be joined with Nick Savvides, Senior Director of Strategic Business, Asia Pacific at Forcepoint to explore the following discussion topics:

  • Applying zero-trust principles to a predominately remote workforce
  • Scaling threat elimination technologies across a hybrid environment
  • Opportunities for technology simplification and consolidation without compromising security or compliance obligations
  • Effective reporting and assessment of risk in a hybrid landscape

Places are limited.