AMP’s major tech migration program delivered ‘on time, under budget & with more-than-expected benefits’

AMP migration technology

IT services company DXC Technology has supported AMP in a large-scale, 12-month migration of production applications and data onto new DXC-managed infrastructure, effectively removing end-of-life risk presented by legacy hardware and software.

Reporting the milestone in a lengthy LinkedIn post, AMP’s program director, group technology and digital, data, infrastructure & integration, Craig Moseley (also a former DXC program director), revealed the financial service group had successfully shifted key assets onto new infrastructure managed by DXC Technology, including compute, IBM i, Oracle Exadata, storage, backup, network, cybersecurity and IT service management.

Besides removing legacy systems risk, Moseley said the successful migration has increased cybersecurity around applications and data, improved platform performance, enhanced disaster recovery capabilities, and lowered operating expenditure for AMP.

He said he was proud that the complex technology program was delivered seamlessly “on schedule (to the day), under budget, with higher total benefits than planned”.

The program, first initiated in October 2022, saw the “seamless” migration of three business production applications and 29 non-production application environments, Moseley revealed.

Among these apps included the HR management system PeopleSoft, as well as AMP’s MasterTrust/U2 superannuation administration systems, with U2 regarded as an ‘Extreme Inherent Risk‘ application.

As well, the program delivered the “seamless migration” of 18 production and 80 non-production Oracle databases to the new Exadata platform, and around 518 terabytes of unstructured data used by AMP end users and 138 applications to the new storage platform, Moseley said.

“Enterprise-wide technology transformations of this scale are always tricky and demanding, with many surprises we all wish we knew at the start.

“They push us to our limits and force us to grow and become more resilient individually and as a team.”

Moseley revealed that around 200 AMP and DXC Technology staff were involved in the migration.