Bank of China HK launches 24-hour video banking


The Bank of China (Hong Kong) has unveiled its new 24-hours video banking service, iService, with the aim of boosting financial inclusion.

In the race toward banking digitisation, the Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) has ramped up the video banking game with the launch of its 24-hour iService, which is set to provide digital banking options for clients looking for flexible banking experiences.

iService accommodates credit, loan, mortgage, insurance and account services round the clock and is available in three locations in the New Territories.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) chief executive, Norman Chan, said iService represented an important step forward in financial inclusion and embraced the promoted national culture for customer-centric organisations.

”This will better address the needs of the general public for basic banking services, putting the spirit of ‘financial inclusion’ into practice,” he said.

“Together with other facilities in the automated banking centre, it provides flexible banking services to residents.

“In the future, I hope that large banks in Hong Kong, particularly the note-issuing banks, can fulfil the social responsibility and always commit to the spirit of ‘customer-centrism’ in providing appropriate and convenient banking services for the general public.”

The introduction of iService follows on from BOCHK successfully implementing the first e-cheque issuance service for mobile devices, which chief executive Yue Yi said was a key step in the bank’s dedication to promoting digitised services.

“IService…goes beyond the limit of traditional opening hours of branches to better serve residents. Upholding the customer-centric spirit, we continue to devote resources to product and service innovations and the application of financial technology,” he said.

“BOCHK has been dedicated to fostering ‘financial inclusion’ by offering convenient banking services to people from all walks of life.”