Bell Direct and Lincoln Indicators enter partnership agreement


Australian online broker Bell Direct has unveiled a partnership with Lincoln Indicators.

Australian online broker Bell Direct has signed a partnership agreement with Lincoln Indicators, allowing clients integrated access to their Stock Doctor platform.

Clients who take up the joint Stock Doctor and Bell Direct service will be able to view research on all 2,000 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) companies and build an “ideal portfolio” tailored to individual investment objectives.

In addition, clients will also be able to activate their trades seamlessly using Bell Direct’s trading platform.

Bell Direct’s chief executive, Arnie Selvarajah, said the integration of the Bell Direct trading capability into the Lincoln Indicators-backed platform was a bid to put clients “at the centre” of the service.

“This partnership is disruptive to traditional research and online broking models as it allows clients to construct their own portfolios using the Stock Doctor technology and Bell Direct broking platform,” he said.

“Our new partnership with Lincoln Indicators is a smarter way of giving our clients more control and confidence in achieving long-term investment success.”

Lincoln Indicators’ managing director, Tim Lincoln, said the partnership was a pairing of “two like-minded organisations” and builds on the success of the Stock Doctor platform.

“The robust investment methodology that underpins Stock Doctor [will] help investors to manage their share portfolios with discipline, without letting emotions corrode their framework,” he said.