BNZ announces NZ-first ‘community digital hub’


BNZ’s Head of Digital, Stephen Bowe, took to the stage today at FST Media’s Technology and Innovation – The Future of Banking and Financial Services conference in Auckland today to announce the bank’s imminent launch of an online community digital hub.

Dubbed ‘BNZ Community’, the online hub will provide the bank’s customers a platform to assist peers with money matters with the aim of moving the conversation “from banking to money management,” according to Bowe.

Bowe told FST Media in an exclusive interview that the platform will be based on Lithium Technologies, and foresees the community platform to create ‘super users’ who become advocates for BNZ, saying “money is private and personal. Those who most need help or information are often the ones least likely to ask for it.”

Bowe said BNZ is embarking on a journey to greater customer centricity, “where the first 12 months will be about evolving, and growing and to generate customer engagement.”

He added that the future will likely see the platform develop into a tool for call deflection, and create more rapid time-to-solution for customer service.