CBA to fully digitise, consolidate TPD claims process


CBA is developing an integrated and fully digitised platform for TPD (total and permanent disability) and income protection insurance claims handling, confirmed Neil Whiteing, Executive General Manager for CBA’s Wealth Management division, and featured keynote at the FST Future of Insurance conference.

A longstanding grievance for policy holders, requiring coordination and dialogue between multiple agencies, CBA aims to roll out a user-friendly platform that seamlessly coordinates stakeholders across the claims process, offering a “single space where employers, claimants and medical [services] can all come together,” Whiteing said.

Acknowledging the sensitivity involved in processing TPD and income protection claims, Whiteing stressed insurers’ responsibility to reduce potential ‘pain points’ for claimants.

“We make what is often a traumatic process for customers or policy holders a little bit easier,” he said.

CBA is investing heavily in their digital engagement strategy, with customer centricity providing a guiding framework for the company’s digital rollouts.

“We have 45 digital scrum teams – and that continues to grow every year – principally focused on our true digital assets – from mobile apps to our website,” he said.

Insatiable customer demand for digital services is propelling CBA’s push to deliver leading-edge customer engagement platforms, Whiteing said.

“23 per cent of our customers are almost exclusively on mobile, whilst 70per cent of our customers use mobile and face-to-face or contact centre of some description,” Whiteing said. “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort and we continue to evolve in that space.”

“We’re really challenging ourselves to extend that experience across other parts of our ecosystem where the customer might get value out of this.”