Cybersecurity crucial for Singapore’s future


Singapore is in serious need of regional Cybersecurity skills and capabilities as the sophistication and scale of threats increase, according to cyber association, ISACA.

At a recent Singapore conference focussed around the concerns of Cybersecurity threats and the emerging combatants across the Asia-Pacific, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSAS) deputy chief executive, Teo Chin Hock, has called on the island national to remain vigilant and build defences by fostering skills.

Hock said that as issues of security around finance continued to be prevalent, it was vital that people were prepared to combat threats as they arose.

“Addressing Cybersecurity threats go beyond deep Cybersecurity competencies,” he said.

“We also need the professional workforce to be more cohesive and united to anticipate the increasing scale and sophistication of Cybersecurity threats.”

The event, hosted by ISACA, saw Cybersecurity experts discuss challenges across digital security in the Asia-Pacific, as well the ISACA Connecting Women Leaders in Technology program.

Cybersecurity and information technology (IT) association, ISACA, director Leonard Ong said the company’s conference would aim to build a collaborative approach to dealing with Cybersecurity issues across the Asia-Pacific region.

“We hope to contribute in building up local and regional Cybersecurity skills and capabilities, and position Singapore as one of the global leaders in Cybersecurity,” he said.