DBS branches to showcase student technology innovation


DBS has opened its second ‘Remix’ branch at the National University of Singapore in a bid to encourage technology innovation and financial literacy amongst students.

The bank’s ‘Remix’ branches specifically engage with younger demographics by encouraging them to develop innovative technology solutions of their own design. The bank is in discussions with the National University of Singapore to provide students with a platform to showcase their solutions in a working environment.

Students will have the opportunity to work on projects such as developing financial planning tools and applications which will then be operationalised and showcased at the branch.

This program follows on from the 2010 ‘I-Designed-A-Bank Branch Contest,’ which resulted in 80 design submissions. Following the contest the bank hired the winners, Kenneth Koh and Colin Chew, to work on the first Remix Branch.
The second branch expands on the foundations of the program and makes heavy use of technology to encourage young students to engage with the format. Features include multi-user vision-based interactive system, an e-queue system that works through SMS, and Teller Assist Units to assist with cash management.

“Having a branch at NUS makes sense as it increases the level of engagement we have with students and helps us establish closer relationships with them in the early stages of their lives,” says a DBS spokesperson. “We will continue to deepen our relationships with them and we hope they will look to us as they grow their wealth or buy their first homes.”

Financial literacy is another key theme of the Remix branch experience. DBS is working with the NUSSU Students Finds Committee to develop financial literacy programmes for students. DBS will invite internal speakers and a range of external subject experts on innovation and financial literacy to engage with students through a series of forums to be held at the two DBS Remix branches.

“The DBS Remix branch was introduced because DBS places high emphasis in educating and empowering young adults in this digital age,” says the spokesperson. “DBS Remix is all about connecting with young adults through its offerings of digital innovation at the branch.”