Fintech Australia appoints first CEO


Australia’s national association for fintech start-ups has appointed its inaugural chief executive (CEO) to take the reins of the non-traditional finance sector.

Fairfax Media head of banking and finance, Danielle Szetho, will step up to the role of CEO with Fintech Australia off the back of four years at Fairfax Media that has seen her progress quickly up the career ladder.

Fintech Australia president Simon Cant said that Szetho, who comes from an industry background in news and digital media, was the perfect choice for the coveted position.

“We needed someone that could really build and drive the community,” he said.

“Someone that brings a vision and has the energy.”

Szetho said she has ‘lofty ambitions’ for Australian fintech and will dive straight into her key priorities, including the forming a strong foothold in the Asian market.

“My vision is to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for fintech innovation,” she said.

“That ability to drive outcomes has to be what it’s all about.”