Five free apps for managing your money


Self-help money management smartphone apps are revolutionising the way Australians keep on top of their financial affairs.

The growing number of apps, have made it easier than ever for the average income earner to track their saving and spending.

Riding on the back of the success of banking apps, fintech providers have made managing your finances on your smart phone easier than ever.

Five for finance:


Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Bringing financial accounts, bills and transactions together, Pocket Expense is the simple to use finance tracker that makes personal finance easier. The app provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics for multiple accounts, tracks and updates balance, records expenses and is password protected.


Acorns AU

Acorns helps users organise spare change and invest it into low-cost ETFs by rounding up every purchase to the next dollar and investing it in a portfolio of the user’s choice. For example, if you spend $3.80 on a coffee, it will invest 20 cents. It estimated that users invest between $30 and $180 a month and Acorns automatically rebalances your portfolio to mitigate risk and optimise returns.



Simon Foster is the brains behind Sydney based company, Shoeboxed Australia, which has released an app to take the stress out of tax time. Users can scan and upload business receipts and documents to a cloud based system, get them in order, extract relevant data and export it to Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Online.



This Australian app hit 100,000 users in 2015 and is a go to app for categorising financial transactions. Pocketbook can sync credit cards, loans and bank accounts together and predict and track your regular bill payments. Including a balance chart, the app also alerts users to fee charges associated with banking and calculates a monthly discretionary income based on individual spending patterns.


Good Budget

The simplest known way to stick to a budget is dividing money into envelopes after each pay period. This traditional method has been adopted by apps like Good Budget, which allows you to create digital envelopes for regular expenses, with options to contribute irregularly into a subsection for every-so-often spending.