How Asia ranked against world’s most valuable tech brands


London-based consultancy firm, Brand Finance, has released a global ranking report on the world’s most valuable technology brands, which included two Chinese fintechs in top ten positions. 

E-commerce fintech Alibaba Group and telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies have been ranked in the top ten most valuable tech brands in the world, with Alibaba up four spots to eighth and Huawei in 10th.

The estimation of the value of brands uses the company’s ‘Royalty Relief’ scaling to estimate likely future sales to a brand and calculate the royalty rate that would then be charged for use of the brand. Brand strength is then calculated on a scale from 0 to 100 on various technological and service-centric attributes including sustainability, customer connection, and financial performance.

A total of 17 Asian technology companies across various sectors including finance, made the top-50 which was comprised of a majority of American firms and just five European.

Japanese technology firms dominated the top-50 rankings against their continental counterparts, with Sony ranked 23rd, Canon in at number 27, Panasonic 31st, and Toshiba in 26th. In addition, Mitsubishi Electronics took a 44th place ranking, while gaming giant Ninento scraped into the top-50 rankings in last position.

Chinese companies were also widespread across rankings, with electronic commerce company, in 18th place, search engine Baidu in 22nd, and internet tech company NetEase in 33rd spot. Indian information technology (IT) firm, TCS, took 25th position, while Bengaluru-based tech consulting company, Infosys, came in thirty-eighth.  

Hong-Kong listed Tencent Holdings was ranked 11th ahead of its smaller brand, instant messaging platform WeChat, at 35th.

“The strength and value of the Tencent brand come principally from the PC and mobile games market, including titles such as League of Legends, as well as the power of the brands it owns, such as WeChat,” the report said of the 850-million user-strong company.

In 24th position, electronics giant LG was South Korea’s only tech company to make the top-50 after Samsung which took 6th place down from 5th in 2016. Hsinchu-based semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor, was Taiwan’s only appearance in the rankings.


Brand Finance top 50 valuable technology brands:

Brand Name 2017 Rank Domicile 2016 Rank
Google 1 United States 2
Apple 2 United States 1 3 United States 3
Microsoft 4 United States 4
Facebook 5 United States 6
Samsung 6 South Korea 5
IBM 7 United States 7
Alibaba 8 China 12
Oracle 9 United States 9
Huawei  10 China 10
Tencent 11 Hong Kong 17
Cisco 12 United States 11
Intel 13 United States 8
Dell 14 Untied States 18
Accenture 15 Ireland 14
SAP 16 German 23
Uber Technologies Inc. 17 United States 16 18 China 22
WeChat 19 Hong Kong 35
PayPal 20 United States 20
YouTube 21 United States 19
Baidu 22 China 13
Sony 23 Japan 25
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 24 United States 29
TCS 25 India 24
Cognizant 26 United States 38
Canon 27 Japan 32
Philips 28 Netherlands 28
eBay 29 Untied States 26
NETFLIX 30 United States 36
Panasonic 31 Japan 31
HP 32 United States 27
NetEase 33 China 57
LG 34 South Korea 30
Qualcomm 35 United States 52
Toshiba 36 Japan 33
Taiwan Semiconductor 37 Taiwan 44
Infosys 38 India 43
YAHOO! 39 United States 40
Western Digital 40 United States 51
Activision Blizzard 41 United States 55 42 United States 34
3M 43 United States  –
Mitsubishi Electric 44 Japan 37
salesforce 45 United States 45
Adobe 46 United States 41
Ericsson 47 Sweden 21
Nokia 48 Finland 67
Broadcom 49 United States 93
Nintendo 50 Japan 73