Korea could be an investment goldmine


Now is the best time to invest in Korea – the attractive financial market which gives the most opportunity, says J.C. Flowers chief executive officer J. Christopher Flowers.

A supposedly misinformed and underestimating view on Korea’s economy is providing the opportunity the country needs to expand is financial sector, according to J.C. Flowers CEO J. Christopher Flowers.

Although Korea has been experiencing an industry slowdown, Flowers is expecting Korea to grow to better be stronger than parts of Europe and Japan.

“The regulatory climate in Korea is pretty attractive, and you have entrepreneurial, hardworking, striving culture here,” he said.

Although J.C. Flowers itself is yet to be specific about investments it will make in the Korean industry, CEO Flowers has expressed the possibility of making investments across all financial markets including securities, insurance, banking and capital and savings firms.

“We look at a broad range of companies,” said Flowers.

“Circumstances, price, managements and franchise,” he said, all determine” the right investment opportunity.”

J.C. Flowers deemed investment in Korea to be ‘good and not too expensive,’ signalling that the opportune financial time for investors wanting to make a quick profit is now.

J.C. Flowers already has an involved interest with the Asian finance market and Korea particularly with part of its US$15 billion in investments in Korean start-up finance company SICOM Ltd, a financial solutions and advisory services company based in India.