Macquarie unveil digital banking experience


A new digital banking offering has been unveiled by Macquarie, which will provide customers with personalised features.

Macquarie head of personal banking, Ben Perham, said that the bank had looked to customer experience delivery from leading digital companies including Spotify, Netflix and Facebook, as it looked to launch a new digital banking offering.

“We set out to provide customers with tools to manage their money that look and feel more like social media sites, search engines and video or music streaming services,” he said.

“We looked beyond financial services to digital companies leading in customer experience.”

The new features in the digital banking include search-how-you-speak technology, as well as digital enhancements for setting money goals, uploading receipts and tagging transactions, underpinned by machine learning technology.

Macquarie chief digital officer Luis Uguina –  a previous employee of the world’s first global digital bank, BBVA – said that the launch was the result of a combined effort from software developers, machine learning engineers, mathematicians and hardware architects. The new offering will be tested by customers before the bank implements further developments.

“We seek feedback from our customers so we can continue to develop and enhance our offering,” Uguina said.

“For people who want to bank digitally…we’ll be giving early adopters of our process access to our beta environment so they can test our innovations in their daily lives, tell us what they think and what they want to see next.”