Macrovue releases platform for retail investors


Online investment service, Macrovue, has today announced the first online trading and brokerage platform for Australian retail investors to access global equity markets. 

The unveiling of an online trading and brokerage platform from investment service, Macrovue, will allow Australian retail investors to access overseas investment opportunities.  

Macrovue chief executive, Sid Sahgal, said: “We have a purpose-built platform to directly help everyday Australians who want to… invest in broader global investment themes.”  

“To date, these opportunities have been highly intermediated, expensive, or just simply out of reach.” 

Sahgal said that the increase in digital financial technology had helped create a new focus for investment, which saw investors opened to more opportunities in the global market and assistance for Australians wanting to buy offshore listed companies. 

“[There is] a power shift in the investment value chain that elevates individual investors to the same access level as institutions,” he said. 

“Our sights are set on firmly empowering a greater number of investors who want to… acquire global stocks at low cost.”