MAS appoints cybersecurity advisory panel


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is set to bolster its digital security credentials, announcing a new Cyber Security Advisory Panel (CSAP) to support the state’s chief financial regulator.

The panel, comprising thought leaders from Asia, North America and Europe’s banking and technology industries, will advise MAS on strategies to boost cyber resilience across the local financial sector.

“The CSPA will provide MAS global perspectives on evolving technologies and cyber threats and their implications for financial services, as well as insights on best practices in cybersecurity strategies,” MAS said in a release.

MAS managing director, Ravi Menon, affirmed the critical role cybersecurity plays in maintaining public trust and confidence in the financial services sector.

“We look forward to tapping [into] the CSAP’s expertise to help ensure that Singapore’s financial sector remains dynamic and secure in an increasingly digital world,” he said.

Eleven members have hitherto been appointed to the panel, including Cheri McGuire, group chief information security officer, Standard Chartered Bank; David Koh, chief executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore; and Rohan Amin, Managing Director, Global Chief Information Security Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

CSAP members will be appointed for two-year terms.