Maybank secures a Happy Deal

Maybank and McDonalds have partnered to offer cashless payments options for customers across Malaysia.

Over 140 McDonalds restaurants in Malaysia are now offering cashless payment, with credit cards, debit cards and MaybankPay now all options when purchasing. To encourage the process to catch on, McDonalds is offering a free Frozen Coke or Sundae with a minimum cashless purchase.

McDonalds Malaysia managing director Azmir Jaafar said that the initiative will help the country in its transition to a digital nation.

“We are committed to delighting our customer…with modern conveniences that enhance their overall experience of the brand,” he said.

“The key advantage of cashless payments is clear; it’s convenient and will help customers save valuable time when making payments.”

Chief executive of Maybank, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, said that the launch of the cashless payment options would help keep the bank moving with changing times.

“We continue to use…our robust technological capabilities to work with partners such as McDonalds, to meet the ever changing needs of customers in the region today,” he said.

“Maybank is well positioned to offer McDonald’s a convenient and secure digital platform to enhance customer experience and shorten payment processing time.”

The Maybank and McDonalds collaboration is a late move for the restaurant in the fast food game; rival KFC launched cashless payments in Malaysia in 2008.