NAB secures cybersecurity alliance with La Trobe Uni


NAB has signed a research partnership deal with Melbourne’s La Trobe University, opening the door to a range of technical developments in cyber intelligence, digital forensics, and malware detection.

The Strategic Alliance between NAB and the University was confirmed in the Federation Room of the Victorian Parliament and considered a “first step” in the new partnership for tackling cybersecurity and building ongoing opportunities for both institutions and their client networks.

The pair are expected to jointly develop technical solutions, “leading to commercialisation opportunities in cyber intelligence, protection, digital forensics, reverse engineering, malware detection and response”, NAB revealed in a statement.

As part of the arrangement, NAB will work with La Trobe to develop new cyber training short courses for NAB staff, as well as offering staff opportunities for Research Higher Degree and Masters by Coursework programs through the Uni.

In return, NAB will provide scholarships and internships to high-achieving students as well as contributing to La Trobe’s cybersecurity curriculum and teaching resources.

The new strategic alliance also includes the potential for the pair to co-invest in shared cyber facilities, including a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and/or Cyber Laboratory in the future.

NAB Chief Enterprise Security Officer, David Fairman said: “This partnership marks an important step towards furthering the cybersecurity capabilities within academia and industry alike. At NAB, we have a mature security practice, with protecting customers at the very heart. We’re thrilled to join forces with La Trobe to gain deeper insights, identify threats more effectively and help shape the future curriculum for the next generation.”