NSW Privacy Commissioner canvasses open government


NSW Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd, has released a new report outlining the roadmap to open government, and broader consultation with the community.

Transparency and open government is high on the agenda for NSW – with the NSW Privacy Commissioner, Elizabeth Tydd, opening up discussions involving broader public participation. 

A new report outlines more detailed steps for government to engage with citizens, together with a focus on broader consultation between key stakeholders. 

This roadmap, Towards a NSW Charter for Public Participation, outlines the work the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) has done to progress public participation in agency (not ministerial) policy formulation, and the exercise of agency functions.

The report says transparent and well-managed public participation, together with the release of government information, is essential to harness ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. This collaboration also taps into the skills of citizens and non-public sector organisations.

The administration recognises the value the public brings to understanding problems and crafting solutions that work. “The NSW Government has already taken a number of steps to move toward open government and greater public participation.”

Under its open government banner, NSW is enhancing online access to services, while making these available anywhere, and anytime. The online communication incorporates social networks, for internal and public dialogue. These mechanisms are built-in for community and industry collaboration, while delivering innovative solutions.

Commissioner Tydd noted the IPC will continue working closely with agencies. This is to offer help around meaningful engagement that is supported by the GIPA Act involving access to government information. “The way forward will see the IPC work collaboratively across the regulated sectors to create a NSW Charter for Public Participation,” said Tydd.