NZ healthcare gets the tech buzz


Money-saving wearable devices and robotics are set to become the future of New Zealand healthcare.

More than 300 health sector professionals from across the globe with gather in Auckland next week to discuss how to best take advantage of technology advances. Discussion on the possibilities of technology-enabled healthcare will be on the agenda, along with improving patient health, drive efficiency and improve equity of access.

Keynote speakers will include IBM Healthcare chief medical information officer, Dr Michael S. Weiner, Advanced Medical Technology Association senior executive and vice president, Christopher L. White from the USA and University of Texas School of Medicine Dean, AP Scott Wallace.

Medical Technology Association of New Zealand (MTANZ) chief executive Faye Sumner, is confident that the impact of digitisation across various sectors shows that technology is a viable future.

“Increasing demands from an ageing and growing population and the rise of chronic diseases…will only increase pressure on the healthcare system,” she said.

“Smart technology is being hailed as the 4th industrial revolution and it is already impacting healthcare delivery; NZ importers and exporters are poised to take advantage of the increasing world demand for innovative medical devices.”

Artificial organs, robotics and implantable and wearable smart devices are now set to be part of the new future of the healthcare system in New Zealand, where total healthcare technology exports already totalled $1.3 billion in 2015 alone.


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