OCBC launches Siri payments


OCBC Bank will be the first bank in the Asia-Pacific to launch new technology which will see customers able to send cash through intelligent personal assistant, Siri.

Users of the new OCBC Bank program will be able to use a voice command through Siri to send money via a regular mobile e-payment service. OCBC head of e-business, Aditya Gupta, said that it was a further step forward in the desire of banks across the region to integrate services with daily life and eliminate the need for platform use.

“Customers now prefer their banking to be embedded in other things they do, rather than start their interaction journey from a bank’s platform” he said.

The launch of the new offering follows the Apple preview process for new Siri integrations in tech payments, which include sending secure payments without an app.

Siri and iMessage services for OCBC Pay Anyone will now be available to customers using iPhone devices running the iOS10 software and with the OCBC Mobile Banking app.