Saxo launches digital bond trading solution


Multi-asset trading and investment firm, Saxo Capital Markets, will offer clients access to trading opportunities in more than 5,000 corporate and government bonds, through the launch of its digital trading solution.

Saxo’s multi-asset trading platform would aim to improve efficiency and reduce costs for bond traders, and according to chief executive, Ben Smoker, helping connect traders to opportunities in the global market.

“We’re now enabling retail investors to access an efficient, cheaper and digitised solution,” he said.

“Saxo’s digital bond trading solution will connect traders with the entire global bond market.”

Under the offering, bond orders would be directed to an optimised dealer auction and could be executed in close to instant time. There would be access to bonds in more than 20 currencies, including AUD-dominated securities.

Smoker said that investors would experience time and cost savings that would help increase exposure for bond traders in the global space.

“Large institutional investors have had access to fixed income electronic trading for a long time,” he said.

“[We are] effectively disrupting traditional financial services and levelling the playing field.”

The solution will launch across Saxo’s multi-asset trading platform, SaxoTraderGO, in October.