SCU launches AI chatbot


SCU (formerly Sydney Credit Union) has partnered with Sydney-based fintech, Epictenet, to develop a customer interaction platform utilising artificial intelligence (AI)

Going by the name of Let’s Chat (in its initial phase), the new platform is programmed to respond to general customer enquiries related to home loans, personal loans, credit cards and insurance products.

SCU said the platform mimics the natural language patterns of its human customer service representatives.

“Let’s Chat is incredibly human-like, communicating in a conversational manner that matches the tone and voice of SCU and adopts machine learning technologies to answer an array of customer queries.”

SCU said the platform would “bridge the gap between human interaction and online” and provide a “truly frictionless and consistent customer experience”.

Customers will also be able to choose their favoured communication method to interact with the Let’s Chat interface, including text or touch. 

“Let’s Chat is an amalgamation of AI and machine learning woven together with an excellent user interface that enhances the online customer experience considerably,” SCU said in a release.

Most importantly, SCU said, if the chatbot is unable to fulfil a specific customer request, the platform will automatically prompt a human representative to respond to the customer.

SCU Chief executive, Ashley Jennings said the platform will “leapfrog” the company’s innovation journey, allowing it to serve an “infinite number of customers at the same time.”

In time, SCU expects the platform will be able to process an entire home loan application, from enquiry to application submission.