Startupbootcamp: Cambodia steps into innovation


Startupbootcamp fintech will hold its ‘Demo Day’ in three weeks, with the ten selected start-ups from their April accelerator program.

Localised and industry-specific Cambodian accounting platform, BanhJi, is paving the way amongst the start-ups, who recently had their opportunity to pitch to more than 500 investors, VCs and corporate partners after their time in the innovation hub.

Finalists were selected from across Asia, including in Taiwan, India and Singapore, as well as a finalist from Australia.

The bootcamp includes personalised and extensive mentorship from close to 500 entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners, who took on positions helping the selected start-ups to develop their product, validate their business model, secure pilot customers and develop fundraising strategies. All start-ups received $25,000 SGD seed funding and free office space to begin their fintech journey.

The ten selected start-ups on a mission to attract investors on July 14 are as follows:

BanhJi (Cambodia) – A localized industry-specific accounting platform built for SMEs and NGOs that is free and built with collaborative financial management features.

Boundlss (Australia) – Aimed at helping health & life insurers attract & retain healthy members, encourage & reward healthy behaviour, and use data from biosensors to rate individual risk & price premiums appropriately.

Cefy (India) – Credit scoring aimed at everyone having access to financial services by making loans, credit system and payments easy.

Moo-Lah (Singapore) – A crowd-aggregation for investment products which is funded by users spare change.

Connaizen (India) – A bank driven microtargeting solution for retailers across multiple sectors.

Currenseek (Malaysia) – The first location-based and community-driven currency exchange rate comparison app.

Policy Pal (Singapore) – A digital insurance manager, revolutionizing insurance through data, tech and design.

Kuchi (Taiwan) – A machine learning-powered platform to help individuals manage investments more efficiently.

SETScope (Thailand) – A platform for evaluating stocks using multiple metrics, such as human expert. 

Supertext (India) – An interactive chat interface with supporting fulfillment infrastructure that revolves around the need of the consumer.