Stone & Chalk fintech partner with mutual lender


Leading mutual lender Credit Union Australia (CUA) are joining in a corporate partnership which will dramatically alter financial services, says Coulter.

CUA managing director Sue Coulter is welcoming a partnership with Stone & Chalk, which will give the company access to the latest innovations and digital ideas from the fintech giant’s technology hub.

“There is no doubt that Stone & Chalk has the potential to dramatically alter the financial services landscape in Australia,” she said.

“Since opening its doors 8 months ago, Stone & Chalk had quickly cemented its place as an important centre for innovation and ideas and has attracted 65 start-ups to take up residency.”

“We are really excited about this partnership and are looking forward to involving the people across CUA as part of this collaboration.”

Stone & Chalk chief executive Alex Scandurra said the partnership will open up opportunities for growth in Queensland.

“Brisbance has a very strong and nationally significant financial services industry,” he said.

“I am confident that together we can open up more opportunities for Australian fintech start-ups across the country to co-create the future of financial services.”