The 5 hottest jobs in IT


Recruitment consultancy giant Robert Half has released an international workplace survey.

Findings from the 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide reveal that one in two Australian businesses plan to increase the salaries for their IT employees in 2016.

The guide shows that increased investment and new initiatives in technology and non-technology based businesses have created a skills shortage set continue over the year. Close to all (93 per cent) of Australian CIOs claim it is challenging to find skilled IT professionals.

The five IT positions that can expect the highest salary increases are:

  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • ERP Functional Consultants/CRM Consultants
  • Enterprise Architects
  • IT Project Managers

Robert Half is calling technology the ‘hot spot’ in the current employment industry, with senior managing director David Jones confident in the ability of technology to evolve business.

“Big Data, cloud and mobile technology continue to dominate the IT market, with businesses actively seeking skilled and experienced IT professionals to support innovation and sustain business growth, he said”.

“In order to attract and keep top talent on the payroll, proactive companies are adjusting their remuneration policies to ensure their offers match or exceed averages in their location and industry.”

Robert Half has also identified five ‘golden’ jobs in the IT field where workers typically receive multiple job offers, higher salaries and increasing remuneration packages and will continue to increase on this in 2016.

Statistics are based on positions in Sydney.

  2016 min 2016 max

YoY growth

Business Intelligence Developer

$95,000 $145,000 + 9%

Infrastructure Manager

$120,000 $175,000 + 9%

ERP Functional Consultant/CRM Consultant

$100,000 $150,000 + 9%

Enterprise Architect

$130,00 $190,000 + 7%

Project Manager (IT)

$100,000 $157,000 + 7%