The Australian fintechs chosen for KPMG’s new accelerator


Following the announcement of the launch of KPMG’s accelerator program, mLabs, fourteen Aussie fintechs have been selected for the inaugural experience.

The mLabs accelerator will focus on connecting credit unions and mutual banks with Australia’s fintech start-ups. Beyond Bank, CUA, Greater Bank, Heritage, IMB Bank, Police Bank and Teachers Mutual Bank will utilise the program, with KPMG head of innovation James Mabbot, stating that JPMG mutuals were well placed to collaborate with fintechs.

“KPMG mLabs is designed to catalyse this process,” he said.

“It will be a platform for collaboration and a safe space for experimentation — and help bring some exciting new services to life for mutual banks and credit unions and their customers.”

The following 14 Australian fintech start-ups have been included for selection in the 2016-2017 program:


Avoka – Accelerates digital customer acquisition and increases business agility for financial services, government, education, and other industries.

Brighte – A “no interest ever” pay solution for home energy and improvements.

Chekk – Allows consumers to own, manage and share their personal data with other individuals and businesses.

Cloudcase -– Omni-Product loan origination software enabling financial institutions to on-board customers and originate any financial product.

DSYNC – An integration platform that joins fragmented systems together and enabled companies to integrate both cloud and on premise applications.

Easyshare – An online platform designed to simplify the payment of shared house, residential and commercial rent, bills and expenses.

Edstart — Finance solution leveraging the latest technology to deliver a service to customers which is both easier to use and lower cost than traditional finance providers.

Fitchain — A fitness-based rewards program leveraging wearables and blockchain technology to improve engagement between both employees and customers.

Flamingo -– A customer experience personalisation platform that provides businesses with a retention, acquisition, co-creation and analytics capability.

Moneycatcha -– A loan origination solution that is built on the Blockchain.

Moroku –  Gamifyes consumer interactions in banking and payments with the Moroku Game System.

Pocketbook -– Budget planner that makes managing personal finance simple.

Simplekyc -– Business process management solution for both large and small entities.

Spriggy -– A purpose-built mobile app for teaching children good money practice under the safe supervision of their family.