‘Your money, your way’: Consumer fintech start-up reaches phase 2.0


Millennial focused technology start-up, MoneyMe, is entering a new phase with the launch of its latest loan product and the debut of a new tagline.

A new $10,000 loan product is set to expand the MoneyMe portfolio of all-purpose consumer loan products designed for a tech-savvy gen Y market. The product expansion, aptly called ‘MoneyMe 2.0’ is an in-house technology platform that automates loan application approvals and reduces interest costs through intelligence customer profiling algorithms.

MoneyMe has redeveloped a new tagline, “your money, your way,” to better align with its new loan offerings and capabilities within a young market. MoneyMe chief executive Clayton Howes said that personalised approaches targeting millennials were industry winners.

“From day one, we envisaged using technology to revolutionise the way finance is delivered to the millennial market across Australia,” he said.

“For this reason, all of our loan products are designed specifically to be personalised to the individual applicant, and accessible in minutes from the customer’s mobile phone, 24/7… this is a market that is rapidly achieving greater buying power, and one which has been largely responsible for driving change in a number of industries.”

The MoneyMe loan book now includes small amount loans up to $2000 as well as medium-size loans and personal loans between $5001 and $10,000.