Defence launches new geospatial tech procurement panel

Geospatial defence panel

Australian defence portfolio agencies will have a new facility to procure geospatial goods, services and emerging geospatial technologies, with the Department of Defence announcing the launch of a dedicated Geospatial Goods and Services Standing Offer Panel (GeoPanel).

Through the GeoPanel, Defence organisations will be able to access geospatial goods and services from Australian and international providers across five main technology categories: satellite, optical, and radar data; aerial imagery; light detection and ranging; hydrographic services; and professional services.

Geospatial technologies refer to a range of data-gathering and visualisation tools that support the geographic mapping and analysis of the Earth, including human-shaped landscapes.

Over the initial five-year term of the GeoPanel, the Defence Department expects relevant agencies to procure goods and services valued between approximately $8 million to $20 million.

Director Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), Tom Hamilton, said the new procurement panel provides Defence access to an “essential industry capability to support its geospatial requirements”.

“Geospatial data allows the government to make rapid, well-informed decisions based on the best available understanding of the strategic environment.”

Hamilton added: “Geospatial data is a critical enabler for Defence. Reliable data supports planning and conduct of Defence operations; ensures safety of navigation; and informs situational awareness, policy advice, and intelligence insights.

According to the Defence Department, the GeoPanel also provides a framework for local defence organisations and defence portfolio agencies to collaborate with industry and identify innovative geospatial data that can support Australia’s defence and national interests.

Consistent panel refreshes will also enable Defence to adopt new suppliers and further expand requirements as business needs and industry capabilities evolve.