Digital Marketplace Panel extended to mid-2024

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has announced that the current Digital Marketplace Panel will be extended to 31 July 2024 following “significant feedback” received from industry.

The DTA said it will move to “implement this feedback into a new panel”.

Over the last six months the agency said it had been working to ensure that the new marketplace, an open platform which coordinates government buyers with ICT sellers, had improved the way the government sourced digital services and labour.

“The findings are guiding the design of the new marketplace, which will focus on value, transparency, equity, simplicity, and consistency,” DTA director Anthony Conway said.

“While we are nearing the end of testing key concepts with our users, we still need to build new functionality in to support the new marketplace.”

The extension means that the DTA will now tender for the new marketplace in early 2024, with updates provided for the following project milestones:

  • By October 2023: finalising the discovery phase of user research and testing.
  • By November 2023: releasing the key changes that are coming and seeking final feedback.
  • By March 2024: approaching the market for sellers to apply to join the new marketplace.
  • By June 2024: establishing the new marketplace.
  • 31 July 2024: current Digital Marketplace to expire.

The DTA warned that all existing sellers on the current Digital Marketplace must re-apply to be able to sell services under the new marketplace.

“Sellers will not be migrated from the current Digital Marketplace to the new marketplace.”

DTA director Peter Rymasz added that the extension “will avoid the peak May to early June period and provide time for sellers to apply for the new marketplace”.

We understand the need for buyers and sellers to have certainty and continuity of services under the current Digital Marketplace and avoid the busy end of the financial year.”

The DTA first announced a new digital marketplace in 2022, with an aim to improve how the BuyICT platform can  “support the Government in improving the value, transparency, and integrity of using contractors and consultants across government”.