MyGov website gets a facelift


Ministers for the Department of Social Services have announced that government website, myGov has had a facelift to make it simpler to connect with government services, while the works for the first myGov app are underway.

According to the announcement, the website also “changed colour from green to blue, as part of a broader upgrade”.

Minister for Government Services, Bill Shorten, said the updates were the precursor of a new myGov app which will was expected to be delivered soon.

“The refreshed myGov website is only the beginning though. We want Australia’s government services online to be the world’s best and the app, to be delivered soon, will further boost and simplify the user experience,” Minister said.

“The pandemic showed us the importance of having excellent connections with government services online and these upgrades will immediately give Australians more options when using the site.”

The myGov online portal is Australia’s largest authenticated platform, with more than 25 million active linked accounts and an average of one million sign-in per day.

Following the update, users would not need to set up a new account and would be able to continue to use their current details to securely sign in, with all their personal information and linked services to be there.

“Improving myGov will be an ongoing process and there’s more to come, but for people who choose to use online services, these initial changes will help make myGov a better experience,” Shorten added.

“People will find myGov where it’s always been at”