NSW Digital ID (beta) begins trials

The New South Wales Government has commenced trials for a beta version of its NSW Digital ID service.

The digital identity solution promises an easier way for NSW constituents to securely verify both their online and in-person identity. The solution has been designed, the Government said, “to stop the oversharing of personal data”, enabling users to choose how and when their information is shared.

According to the Government, all pilot tests of the NSW Digital ID (Beta) have received more than 90 per cent customer satisfaction ratings.

A key advantage of the solution, according to the Government, is that users only need to verify their identity once to set up their NSW Digital ID, giving them greater control over what information is passed on to other government agencies and private businesses.

For instance, an individual would be able to prove they were over 18 without sharing their date of birth, street address or other personal information, which usually comes with a physical driver’s licence.

The NSW Digital ID, along with Digital Wallet, will be a part of several solutions to help safely and securely store citizens’ personal information while granting them control, in real-time, over who has access to their verifiable credentials.

The NSW Digital ID will be optional for NSW constituents and will be made available once “rigorous testing, audit and reviews are completed to ensure information is safe and secure”.

“We want to take proactive steps to ensure everyone has access to the tools they need to protect their privacy and provide security around personal information,” Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, Jihad Dib said.

By providing everyone the choice to control their personal information safely and securely online, it’s handing the power over their privacy back to the people.”

The NSW Government this week also kicked off its Privacy Week, highlighting the importance of handing control of information sharing back to people. It follows a spate of cyber-attacks impacting millions of people across the state, with the annual cost of cyber breaches estimated at $42 billion.

In 2022 alone, more than 50,000 physical documents were replaced with assistance from ID Support NSW as a result of cyber incidents and natural disasters.