Qld Govt provides extra funding for cybersecurity

Queensland’s Cyber Security Unit (CSU) will be provided with a funding boost totalling $59.4 million over four years under the state government’s recently released Budget 2023-24, in addition to $17.8 million per annum in ongoing funding from 2027-28 to support the Unit’s permanent function.

The Government, as part of the latest Budget, also allocated additional funding of up to $5 million over two years from 2023-24, held centrally, to help prepare and implement cybersecurity support initiatives for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Additionally, the Government will provide increased funding of $14.1 million over four years to support the delivery of cybersecurity partnerships with local government agencies and statutory bodies across the state.

The Queensland Government Cyber Security Unit (CSU) is responsible for supporting the development of the state’s cybersecurity industry and local cybersecurity workforce, as well as managing a number of whole-of-government cybersecurity services.

The CSU is charged with providing cybersecurity leadership, governance, policy and standards, coordinated response to cybersecurity incidents, progression of cybersecurity capability development across government, and advocacy for cybersecurity awareness.

Separately, under the new budget, the Government will also provide extra funding of $2 million over four years and $253,000 per annum ongoing to replace and modernise business-critical legacy IT systems which directly support the operations of the Queensland Legislative Assembly and parliamentary committees.

The Queensland Parliament Digital Transformation Program will also see additional funding of $1.1 million over two years to help replace and modernise business-critical AV broadcast infrastructure which directly supports the effective operations of the Queensland Legislative Assembly and parliamentary committees.