Queensland allocates $12.5 million to tackle cyber-crime


Plans to establish a new, highly-specialised Cyber Security Unit to tackle cyber-threats and deliver on cyber-leadership.

The Queensland government has earmarked $12.5 million to establish a dedicated highly-specialised Cyber Security Unit. This unit will help plan against cyber threats involving ICT infrastructure and data assets. This whole-of-government unit will operate from the Brisbane-based Queensland Government Chief Information Office.  

Funding is allocated over four-and-a-half years to support the work of the unit, while helping track cyber-security trends in a globally-connected economy. This initiative was unveiled by Queensland’s Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy, Leeanne Enoch. 

Minister Enoch said the goal is to respond more readily to major security incidents and build the “armoury” against cyber-criminals. “A safeguard is needed to continue the protection of the government’s data and systems into the future because we are not immune to this sort of crime. In fact, governments globally are often a target for perpetrators.”

Global threats

Cyber-criminals are not necessarily “criminals from our own backyard,” she added. “Potential threats could come from anywhere in the world and we need to understand these threats as they arise.”

Globally, cyber-criminals use increasingly more sophisticated computer technologies and techniques to enter networks, or other critical infrastructure.

Queensland seeks to protect government systems and data from future attacks, and deliver on cyber-security leadership. The Cyber Security Unit enhances existing cyber-protection efforts, and will help track trends involving cyber-security, while building the state’s capabilities against future threats.

Andrew Mills, the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer, said the Cyber Security Unit will provide “independent expert advice to the government.” However, agencies are still responsible for their information security plans. This is supported by a central cyber-security team that offers support, guidance and leadership, as and where needed.