WA Govt boosts telco funding to help bridge ‘digital divide’

The Government of Western Australia will back telecommunications projects aimed at improving internet and fixed wireless services, alongside enhanced mobile services to regional areas.

Following this, the Government has opened applications to telecommunications companies to access the Commonwealth’s $150 million Regional Connectivity Program Round 3, with co-investment from the State’s $48.6 million WA Regional Digital Connectivity Program.

The WA Government said in the press release it would work with private sector investment to bridge the “digital divide”. Projects expected to benefit from the joint funding would include programs to improve service quality, coverage, reliability and speed in regional, rural and Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

Commenting on the announcement, Regional Development Minister Don Punch said: “This is a great example of Commonwealth-State collaboration to overcome the tyranny of distance by working with telecommunications providers to deliver fast, reliable and affordable digital and mobile services to regional businesses and residents.”

“These services are fundamental to modern life no matter where people live and enable businesses and communities to connect to a whole range of opportunities, efficiencies and digital applications.”