5th Annual FST Local Government New Zealand – Executive Insights Report 2022

FSTGov Local NZ Exec Insights Report

Not unlike the geographical nature of Australia, New Zealand’s local councils service an integrated network of countless communities with diverse needs and social complexities, from the islands in the Far North District to the frosty fjords of Southland.

Digital technologies are a vital mechanism for these communities with rich and distinct cultures so that they can maintain their connection to citizens, other councils and the NZ Government at large.

Digital as a resource is not just for convenience, but rather forms part of a Government tech toolkit that crucially delivers essential public services with the required care and sensitivity to local needs. For discussions on building necessary connectivity infrastructure or improving digital inclusion, join us at the FST Local Government New Zealand conference for 2022, where we’ll explore the unique digital demands of NZ’s councils – now and in the future.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • The response from local governments on post-pandemic recovery and how digital resources offer support
  • Overcoming legacy thinking and supporting next-generation cloud technologies to improve connectivity
  • Catering to the needs of local citizens and cultures through public services augmented by digital
  • Cybersecurity strategies that are specific to local governments
  • Smart cities and IoT on the horizon and how local governments are preparing
  • The advancement of omnichannel services and platforms in line with citizen needs