8th Annual FST Government New Zealand – Executive Insights Report 2022

FSTGov NZ Exec Insights Report

Join us at our 2022 FST Government New Zealand conference, as we invite thought leaders from the public sector and tech industry to chart NZ’s ongoing progress towards a unified eGovernment and track its digital innovation pipeline and citizen reception.

It seems that the New Zealand Government is continuing its digital success stories from recent years, as it reconfigures the COVID-19 pandemic as a learning curve for how to better leverage technology to digitally-enable Government operations and citizen outcomes for the future.

Digital innovation in NZ has spread across modernising the cloud-based workplace, increasing agility in response to crises and tackling the digital divide that emerged more so during the pandemic.

These policies form part of NZ’s threefold digital government strategy, which also comprises a strategy for digital public service and a Government digital work programme with trust, inclusion and growth at the forefront. Focused on enhancing citizen literacy, experience, accessibility and connectivity, these efforts continue to drive NZ along the path of innovation and a successful digital transformation journey.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • NZ’s post-COVID recovery plan after the release of their ‘Wellbeing Budget’
  • The implementation of NZ’s internal and external cloud migration strategies
  • Whole-of-government digital transformation
  • How digital resources support the Government’s responses to the distinct needs of citizens
  • Data governance and privacy mandates
  • The future of connectivity in New Zealand
  • A next-generation cybersecurity strategy that is adaptive, intuitive and automated