8th Annual Future of QLD Government Summit 2024 – Executive Insights Report

FSTGov’s Future of Queensland Government Summit 2024 returned for its 8th Annual Edition, where it united over 190 public sector thought leaders and top technologists to explore Queensland’s digital innovation roadmap.

This year, the Queensland Government will expand digital initiatives underpinned by a new Machinery of Government, maintaining a razor-sharp focus on pivotal areas including connectivity, cross-sector collaboration, transparency, streamlined procurement, capacity building, and delivery of government services.

Our dynamic roundtable and stage discussions explored:

  • Sustained investments in digital skills, enhanced connectivity, First Nations, technological breakthroughs, and service advancements.
  • Queensland’s new data breach legislation and strategies to build robust frameworks for data assessment, containment, and mitigation.
  • Strategies to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring landscape.
  • Cybersecurity resilience in response to evolving risk, threat, and pressure.
  • Improving the citizen experience through digital capabilities and design.