9th Annual FST Government Australia Summit 2023 – Insights Analysis Report

Insights Analysis Cover

Off the back of last year’s Federal Election, the APS sets its sights on mobilising distinct strategic change and transformation across digital services and initiatives over the next 3-5 years. FST Government’s Australia Summit 2023 will address the next steps in the Government’s digital strategy.

We’ll bring together esteemed thought leaders and technologists from around the globe to explore the Federal Government’s digital innovation pipeline, its pledge to transform government services and how it will build on next-generation digital skills and capabilities accelerated during the pandemic.

Join us where we’ll explore:

  • The Australian digital revolution of services and information for citizens
  • How the APS is improving alignment and oversight of digital and ICT investment
  • The development of Government Architecture
  • Cyber strategy and the enablement of a resilient security ecosystem
  • Cloud migration and the shift into multi-cloud environments
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and automation strategies to make the leap to augmented, predictive government