FST Government WA – Executive Insights Report 2022

FST Government Western Australia 2022 Executive Insights Report

Digital innovation continues to remain a key focus for the Western Australia Government, especially after posting better and stronger than expected post-COVID economic recovery in the 2021-22 Budget.

Digital is recognised as a crucial avenue for WA to not only stimulate the needed economic growth, but also provide accessible support for people, business, and communities to persist and thrive in such challenging times. With the ongoing guidance of Innovation and ICT Minister Donald Punch, WA’s Digital Strategy continues to reimagine the role of digital in government operations and citizen services and align it primarily with the diverse needs of the community.

With the incorporation of digital in health, education and renewable energy services, the WA Government essentially realises the versatility of digital in engaging with and delivering better outcomes for citizens. As a state with immense cultural complexity, it comes as no surprise that WA has its priorities set on increasing digital inclusivity, accessibility, and transparency in order to connect its many communities. Addressing these issues and more, FST Government hosted its sixth annual Western Australia conference on 5th May 2022. The summit welcomed esteemed technology and digital innovation thought leaders from the public sector to discuss trends that contribute to shaping the future of digital government.

Download the 2022 FST Government WA – Executive Insights Report for a snapshot of what was discussed on the day including audience insights, presentation slides, whitepapers, case studies and our curated roundtable discussions.