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Judo Bank

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CDO (Chief Doer of Stuff) Alex is a sleeves-rolled-up leader in Banking and Technology with a passion for Fintech. He has is a member of a very small club, being onto his 3rd successful start-up bank, Egg, UBank, and Judo.  The latter leading the challenger bank charge in Australia, raising the most capital in 2018 and 2019 and recognized as #33 of all the global Fintechs.

An international speaker, Alex has been recognized as one of ASIA top 100 Fintech Leaders and most recently at #15 in Australia’s CIO50 awards in recognition of the leading work the Judo team has done in delivering, the world’s 1st fully operational, born-in-the-cloud bank.

Previously the CEO of UBank, Adviser at, and a Stone & Chalk Fintech Mentor,  in addition to being a Co-founder of Judo, Alex is also an independent NED at Eftpos, Australia’s payment network, an Adviser at Douugh, one of Australia’s most exciting new AI-driven banking platforms,, Australia’s revolutionary no-code platform and the UQ Business School Service Innovation Alliance.

Alex is a Fellow of FINSIA and a Graduate of the AICD.

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