Andy Fell

Andy Fell

Master of Ceremonies

Andy is the founder of GiFT631 a coaching, leadership and talent development business. He also works with executives and senior leaders to create high performing teams and improve business performance.

Prior to GiFT631, Andy spent almost 30 years in financial services in the UK and Australia. The majority of Andy’s career was spent leading consumer banking businesses. His passion was leadership, coaching and creating high performance, empowered cultures that enabled people to make a difference to customers, communities and the organisation.

Andy is married to Leona and has 4 amazing children. He loves to run, read, travel (when possible) and meditate,

Appearing at
Future of Insurance Sydney
7 March 2019
  • Hilton Sydney
At the crossroads of change, innovations in digital technology are redefining core insurance products and service offerings. Driving agility, new digital ecosystem, building trust and enhancing personalised customer experience are sitting high on the leadership team agendas. Join us at...