Carmen Vicelich

Carmen Vicelich

Global CEO and Founder of Valocity and Founder Chair of Data Insight

Carmen Vicelich is an entrepreneurial powerhouse passionate about leveraging data and technology to generate impact and transformation. In record time she has created two multi-million-dollar, industry-leading businesses that do just that.

Purchasing a property is often a significant investment, however, before any bank can lend money for a mortgage, they must first assess its value. Carmen’s company Valocity has revolutionised this process, by digitally connecting lenders, valuers, brokers and customers in one smart platform to streamline the valuation and approval process. This makes property-buying faster and more transparent for all parties, delivering huge efficiencies to the estimated $2 Trillion-dollar New Zealand property market.

The unique, cloud-based platform is used by some of the world’s largest lenders across New Zealand, Australia, India, and Asia. A true Kiwi success story, Valocity has been recognised globally including the prestigious India FinTech Awards 2019 as Fintech Start Up of the Year, and Singapore Top 10 Global Fintech 2018.

In parallel to Valocity, Carmen developed a second company, Data Insight, which helps New Zealand’s largest business and government organisations leverage the power of data and advanced analytics, enabling data driven decision making to improve customer experience, efficiency and profitability.

Outside of founding two data and technology businesses, Carmen mentors several students and business founders, is a regular speaker sharing her innovation success story, serves on several boards including UNICEF, and is a proud mother of four children.

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