Damian Green

Deputy Director-General and Chief Information Officer

eHealth | Queensland Health

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Damien Green is the Chief Executive Officer of eHealth Queensland, leading the ongoing transformation of Queensland’s public health service through the delivery of innovative and customer focussed ICT platform and service.

Previously, the Executive Director, Digital Transformation & Chief Information Officer, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service; Damian led the delivery of Gold Coast Health’s two-year journey to become a fully digital hospital and was pivotal in driving continuous improvement in health service delivery and quality.

Prior to working with the Gold Coast HHS, Damian worked in professional services organisations for sixteen years specialising in managing implementation of strategic organisational change within the public sector.

Damian’s qualifications include Bachelor of Economics (Hons), Bachelor of Arts, Change Management Qualification (AGSM). He is an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Management and an Adjunct Associate Professor of the School of Medicine, Griffith University.


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