David Stokoe

ICT Strategist/Agile Delivery Manager, Innovation and Technology Group

IP Australia

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Commencing as the Agile Delivery Manager & Project Manager for IP Australia, under the direction of the General Manager for IP Australia’s Business Futures and CIO, I manage the delivery of IT Solutions to support IP Australia’s strategic direction. 
2018 I will be focusing on supporting the agency to deliver its digital transformation program, delivery of Blockchain solutions supporting the use of IP rights, delivery of API enabled architecture and enabling DevOp transformation following the success of our Continuous Delivery project. 
2017 Major Delivery: 
– A complete Continuous Delivery pipeline for IP Australia largest program. This pipeline uses docker, jenkins, selenium, kuburnetes (through openshift) and another 20 DevOps products. This has reduced system complexity and allows the program to release during business hours with zero downtime and full automation. We also embedded automated testing, unit testing and SonarQube code coverage helping to support LEAN culture. 
-Working with IP Australia’s Business Director released a project leading the way in robotic process automation. Using Pega Robotics we targeted several heavily manual processes and developed a personal desktop robot for the end users. This has allowed a rapid ROI and has freed the end user from mundane processing
-Digital rationalisation and modernisation of international Trade Mark systems. Supporting IP Australia’s backend replacement program I delivered a dependent project to modernise and align the systems IP Australia uses to integrate internationally. 
– I also delivered Federated Authentication for key mobile applications, provided management for ISO9001 certification and ongoing Agile support for the agency.

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