Dawie Olivier

Chief Information Officer

Westpac New Zealand

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Dawie Olivier has had a dynamic career in the IT industry, leading many different teams in the design and implementation of strategies and solutions of strategic importance for a number of large corporations.

Most recently, as Executive Head of Group Technology Build for the Standard Bank Group based in Johannesburg, Dawie lead a team tasked with the technical delivery of all new technology capabilities.

In this role Dawie focused on the establishment of a multispeed delivery model, catering for both foundational systems delivery in a measured manner, and rapid delivery of a customer capability in the channel environment. This included the teams delivering a world-class digital banking app, and internet banking site, both of which offered full transactional banking, service origination and online share trading.

Dawie was appointed to the role of Chief Information Officer in Westpac in April 2015. With 15 years’ experience in financial services technology and several appointments as CIO, his background is well aligned to the direction Westpac is taking with its technology.

As Chief Technologist, Dawie has direct involvement in decision making across the broader running of the business to ensure a strong technology presence and focus at the executive level.

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