Dr Jean Jonathan Bogais

PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Psycho-Sociologist, Strategic Analysts

University of Sydney

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Professor Bogais is a psycho-sociologist (political sociology and social/intercultural psychology) a specialist in foreign affairs (Southeast Asia) and a strategic analyst / advisor with over three decades of academic and practical experience working in complex (often violent) environments. His expertise is in ethics, violence, conflict, risk evaluation, mediation, negotiation, and program experimentation. He has served as a senior analyst, strategic advisor, mediator, negotiator and has had ongoing involvement in international missions and peacebuilding and conflict resolution initiatives. He continues to be involved in these areas. Applying complex systems to analysis and strategy, he has a considerable experience in building networks that can identify and manage uncertainty/instability to introduce change over time. His experience includes significant crisis negotiation/resolution involving mixed ethnicities and religions.

He is attached to the School of Social and Political Sciences at Sydney University and was awarded a Master in Social & Intercultural Psychology and a PhD in Sociology, both from Paris-Sorbonne.

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