Dr Simon Reay Atkinson

PhD Adjunct Associate Professor, Centre for International Security Studies & Sydney Cyber Security Network

University of Sydney

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Professor Reay Atkinson is a Cambridge educated strategist, researcher, negotiator, analyst, system assessor, ideator & innovator used to advising top levels of government and industry, with international experience. A professor of cyber, risk, trust and resilience complex systems, networks; extensively published, he is a systems engineer (FEIT) and Senior Naval Officer in the UK and Australia. Innovative problem solving has been a highlight throughout his career.  A first degree in engineering, with a second degree (a research-based MPhil) in International Relations majoring in Law and Economics and a PhD which examined, through engineering and social science lenses, complex systems and human factors modelling including with regard to cyber and quantum.

Attached to the Centre for International Security Studies at Sydney University; twice mentioned in despatches (Bosnia and Sierra-Leone), he was awarded his MPhil and a PhD in Complex Adaptive Systems, Engineering Design Adaptation (Cambridge University Engineering Department), both from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

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