Fui Ping, Teh

APAC Hybrid IT Advisor

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Fui Ping have been instrumental in helping our customer define their cloud business goals, develop their cloud roadmap journey and finally architecting each phase into an implementable cloud solution design.

She was HPE CTO for Singapore G-Cloud project in 2012-2014 where she plays the Enterprise Architect responsible for both the solution design and development. Throughout the project implementation phase, she’s worked closely with Singapore Government IDA/GovTech to understand, map and incorporate their business governance, security and IT requirements into the solution deployed. G-Cloud IaaS was successfully commissioned in June 2013 and has been continuously to date.

Fui Ping other past achievements with HPE includes solution design and project management for many data center transformation projects which involve servers, storage, backup consolidation, data migration, data center relocation and disaster recovery planning in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Prior to joining HPE, Fui Ping was with Singapore Ministry of Finance. She was the lead technology consultant for their Y2K project which involved the re-platforming of Singapore Government financial system from the IBM mainframe to an ERP client-server solution (a.k.a. New Financial System) deployed nation-wide.

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