Garrett McDonald

A/g General Manager, Architecture & Innovation

Services Australia

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Currently, Garrett is the Head of the Architecture and Innovation Division at DHS, Australia.

Garrett has been a major influencer for key technology-based decisions within DHS; the agency that is the Australian Government’s focal point for delivering social and health-related services and payments to the Australian community, and touches 99% of the Australian Population.
He was responsible for the successful introduction of Australia’s myGov system which provides the citizen authentication and authorisation gateway for all Federal Government online services both from within DHS and across government. He was also the senior officer responsible for the Future State Technology Design project, incorporating data, cognitive and infrastructure strategy, that is shaping a once in a generation Welfare Payments upgrade.

More recently, Garrett was responsible for the establishment of the establishment of the DHS Augmented Intelligence Centre of Excellence within the Canberra Delivery Centre.  The AI CoE is responsible for research and development in the practical and ethical application of AI in the transformation of government to citizen service delivery within the department.

Garrett is also the ICT Senior Responsible Officer for the delivery of a range of new Departmental and Whole of Government platforms.  This includes the GovPass Digital Identity Exchange, the department’s Digital Engagement platform as well as the Service Connect platform under the DTA’s Whole of Government Digital Transformation and Platform Strategies.


Parliament House Canberra
20 November 2019
  • National Convention Centre Canberra
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